Veteran IATSE 490 Member Craig Hanson has died.

Electrician, Grip and 22 year veteran of Local 490, Craig "Rhino" Hanson has passed away at the young age of 62. There was a celebration of his life at Cinequipt, on 12/31/18 from 1-4pm. The film community of MN is all very saddened by this loss. "Rhino" had an intelligent, strong but sweet demeanor and will be missed greatly.

Craig was often one of the strongest crew on set. His nickname “Rhino” was given to him because of his infamous muscle and his quiet personality. He was well known to be able to hoist an 18K onto the stand by himself or to be able to break a gobo head with his tight grip. Craig was also one of the longest working electricians in town. His first MN feature film credit was shot in the early 1980’s -“Harold of Orange”. His most recent film where he was on the electrical crew starred Woody Harrelson in, “Wilson”. Craig Hanson over his career has done many commercials, movies and TV work. His last union gig was likely American Ninja Warrior that shot at US Bank Stadium in June of 2018.

Electrician & Grip Craig “Rhino’ Hanson on set.

Electrician & Grip Craig “Rhino’ Hanson on set.

490 Gaffer & Electrician Michael Winn gave this eulogy about Craig on his social media page,

My friend Rhino just passed away. In 2005 we both worked rigging electric on the movie North Country. We spent four weeks schlepping cable and lights through the cold snow of the iron range in February. In this time we talked about world history, warfare, pop culture, women and beer. The whole time I think he zipped his jacket up on two days of the whole run. He was impervious to cold. He was a powerful man with a gentle soul. He was the smartest guy on set. (Although he would never admit it.) Better than all of that, he was my friend.”

RIP Brother Hanson, we will see you by the great combo stand in the sky. Additional funeral arrangements and details are forthcoming. Here is a link to the official obituary.