I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 490 Studio Mechanics of Minnesota 
Constitution and By-Laws


We are resolved to further the more effective organization of men and women working in all of the crafts, classifications and categories of the theatrical and motion picture industries, to aid workers in securing improved wages, hours and working conditions; to secure full recognition and enjoyment of the rights and liberties to which we are justly entitled. 

We dedicate ourselves to safeguard and promote the principles of free collective bargaining; to establish peaceful and harmonious relations between our members and our employers and to increase the stability and vitality of the industry.

We commit ourselves to organize the unorganized for our mutual aid, protection and advancement; to preserve the autonomy and dignity of the individual without regard to race, creed, age, sex, marital status, color, sexual orientation or national origin; to encourage workers to vote and exercise the full rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and to perform their rightful part in the political life of the local, state and national communities.

We are pledged to protect and strengthen our democratic institutions and to perpetuate the cherished traditions of our democracy while preserving the independence of the labor movement from political control; to protect the labor movement from any and all corrupt influences and from the undermining efforts and effects of any groups or individuals who are opposed to the basic principles of democracy and free democratic unionism