International Alliance of Stage and Studio Mechanics Local 490

312 Central Ave. SE #398 Mpls. MN 55414

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1.    Fill out, sign & date the application. Application must be fully completed to be processed.
2.    Include a copy of a valid MN Drivers License or State ID. (Front and Back)
3.    Include a utility bill, or other form of documentation, providing residency within the state of MN for at least the past 18 months.
4.    Provide at least two of the following three documents.

        •    A current, verifiable resume of industry experience by category and classification.
        •    Copies of 2 or more crew lists, listing applicant as a crew member. Deal memos and or paid invoices from different productions w/   corresponding pay stubs or similar proof of 30 days of paid employment within one calendar year in the craft category and classification listed on the application.
       •    Letters of reference from no less than 3 prior employers, superiors, or peers, stating the category, classification and length of employment.

5.    Include cashiers check or money order in the amount of $466. (dues & fees info below).
6.    Mail completed application, copy of MN State ID, proof of residency & work history with$464. dues to: IATSE Local 490, Care of the Membership Committee, 312 Central Ave. SE #398, Mpls. MN 55414

The application is reviewed by the Membership Committee for proof of all of the above. It is sent to the IATSE International for approval. Once received via mail, by the 490 Treasurer as approved by the IATSE International (approximately 2-4 weeks) it is voted into membership by members of the IATSE MN Local 490 at the following Monthly Membership Meeting. 


Any member of another Local of this Alliance wishing to transfer membership to the MN 490 Local must be a current resident, present a complete application with a transfer card from the Local of which he/she was a member in good standing. 



The initial $466. membership fee consists of: $100. Application Fee
$66. First Quarter Per Capita Dues and a $300. Initiation Fee  
The $300. Initiation fee is non refundable if the application contains falsified information. The $364. will be refunded if you are not approved as a Union Member. 


Per Union Bylaws, upon member approval, voting in and having received dues, a new member must be sworn in by an Executive Officer at the IATSE Local 490 monthly member meeting before being considered a MN Local 490 member to be listed on the MN Local 490 Roster. 

IATSE Local 490 Does not discriminate by reason of race, religion, color, creed, national origin, sex or age. Membership in IATSE Local 490 does not guarantee employment on Union projects. 

Meetings are held once monthly, usually the last Monday of the month. 

For more information on IATSE MN Local 490 membership, 

please email

Thank you for your interest in the IATSE Local 490 Union.

Local 490 Membership Committee

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