This is what our colleagues & clients have said about Local 490.  

When our office calls on Hollywood, the first question that follows “Do you have an incentive?” and “Tell me about your union crew.” A solid roster of experienced union workers plays a major role in attracting larger features to Minnesota. More than one producer on the west coast has told me that our Local 490 is known for for a top-notch work ethic and ability to problem solve on set. That certainly makes my job easier.
— Director MN Film Board, Lucinda Winter
Twist has been a IATSE signatory for 10 years. It’s been a great way to ensure that we are getting qualified technicians for our motion picture projects. The Minnesota chapter and it’s members have been a significant part of our companies growth. We’re very proud of our signatory status.
— Exec. Producer Twist, Jim Geib
The film industry in Minnesota was strong in the 1970’s and is still going strong. Minnesota has an experienced, knowledgeable, conscience and “Minnesota” nice crew base that can handle projects large and small. I know, I’ve been working with the IA 490 for the past 30 years and am proud of the projects that we’ve achieved together and the possibility of many more.
— Producer, Julie Hartley
Having worked from coast to coast it’s always a pleasure to come home to Minneapolis and work with a strong collaborative crew. The 490 crew always impresses my out of town productions that come to Minneapolis to shoot. I alway hear praise on how skilled our crew is from technicians to make up artists.
— Producer, Nicole Erdmann