Photo Gallery

the 2016 All Crew Party-Red Carpet Photo Booth.


We Work Hard

490 comes to set ready to work. We are your veterans who know the gear, the protocol and are professional . If you want a smooth running production call IATSE 490. Here are a few shots of production in the Twin Cities and outside the metro. 







We Play Hard

490 values recognition for its' hard work.  In 2016, this came in the form of an All Crew Party hosted by the local at Acme Stage during Oscar award weekend. We believe that by bringing all the crew together to celebrate its' hard work, we live the meaning of the word, Union. The Executive board worked to bring in over 20 industry co-sponsors to include the film community. In the end, hundreds of people celebrated the hard work of our film community and a great time was had by all. 


the 2017 ALL CREW Party- Red Carpet Photo booth.