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The Film Industry is once again under attack from the Republican caucus in the MN House. The MN Senate votes this Thursday! Please call your State senators and urge them to support Film & TV industry in MN! 

Here is the upcoming Legislative schedule:

Last week the Republican controlled House voted on their Economic Development Bill that included $0 for Snowbate.

Thursday, April 28th the Senate will vote on their Economic Development Bill that includes $5.75 million for Snowbate.

When the two bills end up not matching they will go to a Conference Committee to make them match.

Please use the link below to find contact info for your MN Representative and MN Senator.  Contact them soon and tell them to fund the Snowbate Film Jobs Program.

490 Business Agent, Brian Simpson with Producer Erik Stolhanske testifying on the benefits of the Snowbate Jobs bill. (Photo from Twitter/ @jasonisaacson)

Even though Snowbate funding is part of an omnibus bill, it can still be changed on the Floor right before voting begins.  Last year there was a late attempt in the Senate to use Snowbate funds for broadband internet.  This year the $0 in the House is championed by Rep. Pat Garofalo from Farmington.  This plan is not supported by the House Democrats and it is not supported by all House Republicans.  If we make enough noise we may be able to influence a late change.

Keep in mind that if/when the Tax Committees meet this session, we will also be pursuing a 25% Tax Credit.  This credit would be separate from the Snowbate Cash Rebate.  A producer would pick which incentive is right for them.

For now, lets keep what we have in Snowbate.

The MN Senate will be voting on a bill this week to provide $5.75 million in additional funds for the Snowbate Jobs Program. This money would be added to the funds that are currently available.

Sen. Cohen has asked that we contact the Senators listed below to help pass this bill. Please tell them to support the Snowbate Film Jobs Program! Also, call your senators and house representatives, they need to hear from you! Minnesota Legislature - Geographic Information Services

A quick phone call, email or both is all that it takes.

Sen. Kathy Sheran
(651) 296-6153

Sen. Bev Scalze
(651) 296-5537

Sen. Barb Goodwin
(651) 296-4334
Follow link for email:…

Here is the link to find your Legislator:

Minnesota Legislature - Geographic Information Services

Minnesota Legislature - Geographic Information Services

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